Race 2: #3 HIGH DRAMA (6/5 ML)
Experienced, Baffert 2nd time out. Afraid of the #2 a bit because he broke slow but HIGH DRAMA should be a single in all verticals…

Race 3: SALLY SIMPSON (2-1 ML)
When Puglisi gets a live mount I give it a big look. Has the numbers to win.

Race 4: #6 CANDY CREW (9/5 ML)
Bruno gave this 2 yr old colt 4 stars and all clockers have been saying this one is highly regarded. Pedroza on to score.

Race 6: #7 Clifton Beach (2-1 ML)
ROMAN/SADLER combo, dominate figures. If runs his race should be right there and win.

Race 8: #1 Lucky J Jane (4-1 ML)
Horse for course 2-4 at track and two of the major contenders in here have not raced on the track or have shown not to like the track.
If odds are better than 3-1 bet out.


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