Here are the horses I will be focusing on and betting.

  • Race 3: #5 Vallesta (4-1 ML)
  • Race 4: #3 City Steel (3-1 ML)
  • Race 5: #3 Bottle Rocket (4-1 ML) and #6 Hitters Park (6-1 ML)
  • Race 6 #1 Paradise Woods (7/5 ML) *SINGLE*
  • Race 8: #4 Absolutely Stylish (5-1 ML)
  • Race 9: #8 Sir Samson (5/2 ML)

Best probable winner: Race 6: #1 Paradise Woods
Best Bet Race 8: #4 Absolutely Stylish

Fully expect to produce plenty of winners from this list. Depending on the prices all horse will be wagered with a 40% WIN/60%PLACE betting platform. For example, If you plan to bet $200 on a horse than the wager would be $80 to win $120 to place. If a horse pays $8 to win and $4 to place then return would be $320 to win and $240 to place for a return of $660. If horse runs 2nd then either slight profit or break even or close to it. If any horse is under 8/5 then I will bet to win only. If any horse is under EVEN money than it will be exotics only.

Thank you and have a great day.