Baseball for 8/4

Season -0.04 units
Since ASB +2.32 units

0.8* Mets +1.5 -150
0.8* Cards -128
0.6* WHITE SOX +1.5 +105



  1. And most transparent? C’mon man. There is very little to no transparency. When did you add the Angels yesterday? I looked yesterday after the 7 pm games started and there was nothing there. You need something with a time stamp. I let it go a few days ago but I’m not letting it go this time.


  2. Can you please post “added play” somewhere when you do so. The way your website is set up anybody can cheat. I’m beginning to question a lot of stuff about your plays.


  3. And if you want to say you’re the best in the world, most transparent, you should have no problems with doing this. This is simple honest transparent tracking stuff.


  4. Also one last thing. You told me before, everything is logged and tracked at the RX. Well I just checked and you have your Col TT play yest, and your 3 plays for today posted there, but no Angels play. C’mon Gabe, I’ve known you for awhile on the forums. There’s no need to do this. Please give me an explanation when you can.


  5. I’ll partially apologize. I did check yesterday after the games started, but didn’t see the Angels play. You added it to this page after the final. Also, you said everything is tracked at the RX, and low and behold, it isn’t posted there.

    However, I can see it is there at this website (i’ve never heard of it btw).

    Lastly, since you say you’re the most transparent, is there anyway I can get your transparent record from the start of the baseball season? From day 1?

    And you need to specify when and what time you add plays if you want to be recognized as a legit person. That’s the bare minimum. I checked your website after 8pm pacific time and it wasn’t there.


  6. Here’s the bottom line. This play was not posted here before the game was started. In fact, the play was posted AFTER it went final. Why did you do that?


  7. By the way gabe, I’m the third monitor guy I see you mention at eog. Right now, what you are doing is embarrassing. Please take away that Angels play from your record. I can’t believe you’re even doing this.


  8. Numerous platforms? Name one besides EOS. And you’ve been having many errors, typos, and what not. That’s ridiculous. Right now I got you down as one of the 99% of touts who are crooked. Nothing you have done is with integrity.

    You might want to look at time stamping your plays bro. Right now a play can be added anywhere at anytime. And that’s bullshit. I see why they give you a hard time at EOS. You’re your worst enemy.


  9. In reply to RJT. Is this better for me using my first name? And you laughing at me for using the “Anonymous” which is the default is laughable when you use RJT.


  10. Look buster, I am not sure what your end game is here but you are dead wrong about me.
    I have not hidden nor have I tried to hide this losing streak. I even started a thread about it.


  11. Buster? I’m just trying to keep you honest. If that makes me a buster than I guess I am.

    You added that game after the fact. So you’re telling me if it lost, you would’ve magically added it here, even though it wasn’t posted here? Cmon man. It doesn’t work that way. You even had in previous posts different records for different places. Everything I’m getting at, is because of you. You said you post everything at the RX. I check, and there’s nothing there.


  12. So, you solicit tips from people for following your “winning” plays from this website. However, you don’t post all your plays here. You’re saying check these other sites too.

    I think you need to start double, and triple checking your work. It’s very sloppy. And the main reason I bitched, was because you added the play after the final. In fact, I checked at 7pm, than 8pm, and a again at 9pm, and there was no Angels play. You posted before with different records for different places. I would’ve had more respect had you said and stated I forgot to add this play and you can see it here. But at the same time, you’re expecting your followers to spend an hour checking all these sites.

    After reading those sites forum posts, I see I’m not the only one who feels this way. We can’t all be wrong. Don’t be like the 99% of touts who lie and cheat. Clean it up.


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