Most Rebounds Lebron +400



This can be found under NBA futures and I love it. We know Kevin Love is the favorite here but he is a bit of a rebound thief. Like westbrook he goes out of his way to pad his stats in blowouts and meaningless games. That gets him favored here. But look for the best player on the planet to step his game up in the finals as he always does. In the past 2 years finals he has averaged 43.4 minutes a game and an amazing 12.3 rebounds per game. He knows he has to go all-out for cleveland to have a chance. He has 3 players that could edge him out:


Durant 7.8 rpg this playoffs

Green 8.7 rpg this playoffs

Love 10.4 rpg this playoffs


The way Lebron plays in the finals tells me this is a great deal. I believe Loves production will fall a little as it did last year in the finals. This is a steal at +400 i suggest putting a unit on it!