King Kolzig prop for finals

Ian Clark u43.5 finals pts scored -120 (betonline)



This is basically a prop that no one major on the warriors gets injured. If they dont I have Clark playing 10.0 minutes a night and scoring 5.6 pts a night MAX. In a 7 game series he would still end up with 39 pts. And thats if it goes 7. Truth is hes a “blowout boy” and only plays 10+ minutes if either team is up 30+ in the game. Not only do i see a lot of competitive games but he might not even get into some of these games at all. He is 4th on their depth chart at guard and last year the 4th man on the depth was Barbosa and he averaged 10.8 minutes a night in the cleveland series.


If i was to set this line i would make it o/u 35.5


Hes just not going to be on the floor much at all. Pound it!





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