On the heels of the news that 100 employees being fired I felt compelled to write a small article for my readers.  ESPN has been a very bad product for a very long time.  Yes I used “VERY” twice in the same sentence and that is correct.  ESPN has been the epitome of how corporations ruin things as all of their content is delivered with Disney in mind and that means nothing but politically correct garbage that is extremely left-wing.  I am neither a democrat nor republican but when I watch sports coverage it would be nice to get away from the politics of things but ESPN did just the opposite.  All of their decision-making and content has been so left-wing that many been sick of it.

They have asked cable and satellite companies for way too much money and have been over paying their employees for years.  On-air personalities like Stephen A Smith have no business on television.  Jemele Hill, Michael A Smith, Bomani Jones and Doris Burke are as amateur as they come. Other personalities treated terrible by the bias station include Mike Ditka, who displayed mild  praise for Donald Trump got him in hot water. Colin Cowherd saw this coming and didn’t accept the pay-cut and left for FOX SPORTS. Harold Reynolds another superior talent who ESPN treated like complete garbage and was subsequently fired over a sexual harassment suit that was not even proven.  Now I will say ESPN has some great on air talent like Kirk Herbstreit, Adam Schefter, Tim Kurkjian, Bob Ley and Rece Davis to name a few. 

I have been disgusted by ESPN for many years and a lot of my friends and family members feel similarly. The bias, politically correct tone of everything is a major turnoff. Remember the day when news and media was supposed to be somewhere in the middle?  Where can I get news that is neither right or left-wing, if you know, let me know?

ESPN is a garbage product and people fed up with their crap.  People are also cutting the cord and getting rid of cable which has contributed to their decline.