TTP was demolished

In forumvilles longest standing fantasy baseball league self proclaimed legend, sewing circle president, and founding member TTP was demolished by newcomer Mike Yanks this week.

Scoring under 200 points is no easy task in fantasy baseball. But TTP did just that. Even with a solid performance by Kershaw and his 33 points the team couldn’t overcome terrible performances by Steven Wright (-17) and Velasquez (-.5). Coupled with great calls by Mr. Yanks with rookie Cotton with his 28 points, Fulmer with his 23 and Cueto with 25.

Yanks offense was lead by Marcel Ozuna and Bryce Harper who each had over 30 points. Who both had 10+ more points than TTP’s best bat.

TTP looks to bounce back vs viejo next week as Yanks looks to continue his early dominance Vs Tripp.



  1. Gabe, make sure to check out the FFF thread. These clowns are trying to cheat Joey since he’s DOMINATING their shit league

    We need a GABEWINS expose’ immediately., sir.


  2. I’ll lose to ttp because I’m a loser…..all these years and I still only make $5 an hour and fvck lady Boys


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