Baseball 4.13

-3.74 units [gabewins]

-2.74 units [rx]


Brewers +101

O’s +107

Both to win 3/4 unit



  1. I got brewers +101. I am posting my record from bets that i make with lines that i received. I will respectfully disagree here and cheating is a harsh word.


  2. This is why I am telling you that you get your numbers up too slow. You seem to be betting for yourself and then posting what you got when it is convenient. That will not work.


  3. Sounds like you want me to lie lol. My wager is on brewers +101. It’s unfortunate that the line moved soon after. If i bet -150 and the line moves to -136 i am not going count-136. This is accounting for me as well. I will do it at BT but here is my real actual wagers.


  4. I added 20 cents on bt. I am accounting for myself here. People who follow most of the time can get my number. This is an isolated rare situation you are making way too big of deal about.


  5. Again this is a rare situation where the line moved in between the time i bet and posted. You are making way too big of a deal on this sir.


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