-0.9 units (Rx)

-1.9 units (gabewins)

( 5 winning days in a row)

0.5* INDIANS FF -0.5 (-175) (LOST)




0.5* ROCKIES TT OVER 3.5 -125 FF




  1. I’m sorry Gabe but I have to weigh in here again. There is no point to putting your record at the Rx on your site. If you want credit for picks you make at the Rx, post them to this site.


    1. OK, Gabe I came across your thread at EOG. First, stay off the forums. Don’t make picks there. Don’t comment there. It ruins your reputation. People know you have a site now. Keep your down and make picks and preferrably at a regular time.

      Next, you need to post lines that are widely available, not a YouWager line. Bookmaker would probably be the best idea. I don’t know if you are doing that or not. But you will get your chops busted if not. Remember, you are posting picks for people to bet, not for your record.

      Third, to address tracking issues, begin a thread at Roughing the Punter. You have to post Pinnacle lines there and you will be moderated.


      1. Gabe, you have serious credibility problems. Fairly or unfairly. I have no idea if you are any good or not or honest. I assume you are fairly honest. But again, you are attempting to be a professional now and wanting people to donate to your site and you need to have professional standards.


  2. Make your picks here the same as your RTP thread and all your credibility problems will be over. You will just have to win.


    1. Gabe, you are also able to post a picks thread at BettingTalk and they will absolutely destroy you if you fudge numbers there. You have options. Any of these will enhance your reputation as well as allow you to gain followers that bet real money.


      1. You need to step it up off the square forums and get on the sharp forums with high standards. That will help you a great deal.


  3. Also Gabe, if you are not serious about addressing some of these issues, you are not very serious about making this site a success. Dr. H got his cred at BT and I would suggest you start posting there but at the very least at RTP.


  4. If you want to make picks outside of Bookmaker or Pinnacle, you could do that legitimately by putting the source of the line in paranthesis. You would count those wins but people would say you are just picking off easy lines.


  5. You can also post off numbers if you like with certain books. That is of value to a reader. If you have a thread at BT or RTP also people can see that you are winning against WA lines and they will see you are a winner.


  6. I would keep a tracking thread at BT or RTP for the next 3 years at least if you want to do this. Now is a really good time to start since you are under.


  7. I am not sure if they will let you post at BT for sure if they know you have a site. You can definitely do it at RTP. I imagine they will let you at BT if you just sign up as Gabe.


  8. So from now on, let people say what they want to on the forums and ignore. Post picks at RT or BTP and then update to your site with the same line. I think both of those forums would love to have you and you will not be trolled and they will keep a close watch on you.

    Address all comments that people make here in the comments section and you can start to build up your reputation.


  9. You can see that you have a following although most of it negative. That is fine. People are watching and they are going to bet your stuff if you win. You will have even more people start watching at BT. RTP is pretty much dead but you will give them a boost in traffic and document your picks are legit.


  10. If you start winning at BT, you will not have to worry about people calculating your CLV because those guys will start doing it for you.


  11. If you decide to start threads at those places, just show up and put in picks and don’t do anything else. Address questions that people ask and be on your way.


  12. Hopefully, this is my last recommendation and I gave it to you before. People do not want to bet lines blind. They want your analysis as much as your pick. You can give them ideas for games even if they do not bet it. That is really important. Much more than the pick itself. You need to do some write-ups on at least some of your best until the time comes that your write ups start moving the line if that should happen.


    1. Good luck Gabe. Please tell the boys at EOG that my name is Al C. Harrington and I provide internet consulting for $100/hr.


  13. Show respect for all members and users of this forum, past and present. Debates of opinion are welcome but must be carried out respectfully.
    We require a basic level of professionalism and intelligence in all posts to the forum. Users with an abundance of senseless, negative, or otherwise undesirable posts in view of the moderators will be removed from the forum without warning.
    Do not ask for or post any e-mail addresses, phone numbers, IM usernames, Twitter usernames, or any other personal contact information for any reason without prior consent from admin. This includes both the forum and chatroom.
    Do not bash, insult, flame, or make any other type of negative attack towards other users, even if you think they deserve it or if they attacked you first.
    Do not use ALL CAPS, or excessive !!!!, ****, <<>>, $$$, ???, or other characters in subjects of posts.
    Do not hype/tout plays. Do not use terms such as “locks”, “sure thing”, “game of the year”, or any other misleading terminology.
    Unless you are a paid site sponsor, do not refer to any past picks or post any records of picks that were not originally posted on the BettingTalk forum before the outcome was determined. This includes any picks given out in the chat room.
    If you decide to leave this forum for any reason, do not post a “Goodbye” thread, it will be deleted instantly and you will be banned permanently.
    Non-sponsor sports handicapping services (free or paid) and their websites are not allowed to be promoted in any fashion on the main forum or in the chatroom.


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