Baseball 4-7 [Updated]

– 4.23 untis
0.5 units
Tex -1 +101
Hou -1 -124
Az +149


  1. Gabe don’t put up a blank pick. 4-7 (Updated) means you have an updated pick. If you do not have a 4-7 pick , you do not make a post.


  2. Another recommendation for you Gabe. Overnights. Waiting until day of gives your readers less of a chance. If that is how you bet, so be it. But if you have overnight selections post them when you have them.


  3. Yet another suggestion. Your site should be all picks. Having all the other stuff just craps up the site. Put it on a separate tab.


  4. Gabe if I were you, I’d just stick to pure picks on this site and create a blog somewhere else for the other stuff. To have a successful site, you have to provide the customer with what they want and not what you want to give them. If people want the stuff you provide separate from your picks, they will read your blog.


  5. Goddammit Gabe, you cost me a win with this damn post. I did not know to listen to your podcast and this thing was blank for me all day. I faded Reno Marty and lost. This is what I am talking about. Good pick though.


      1. That is for me to know and you to find out. Let us just say that I am a supporter of the site.


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