Just a reminder that there will be swings when betting baseball.  When betting football it is pretty much week to week results.  When betting baseball you are almost always betting everyday.   It is a grind like no other and it can be frustrating and deflating when you are on a losing streak.   When are barely a few days into the season and I am reading all over the place about people saying baseball sucks to bet or giving a lot of credit to people who have been winning so far these past 3-4 days.   While all of them deserve credit we have to come back to earth and realize that the baseball season is long and we are only a little more than 2% into the season.


I have seen swings of massive proportions from friends and more importantly myself.   10-15 unit swings are commonplace and no one and I mean no one is immune to losing streaks.   The best way to deal with losing streaks is to not chase and bet similar amounts on all your games so that you are not betting more on games you have less of an edge with.  I know this is easier said than done but it is possible and very doable. Just a little pep talk for those betting baseball and not liking early results, they really mean nothing in the big picture.   Do you freak out after going bad after week 1 in NFL?   That is 6% of the season,  again we are 2% into it.   Even CFB you are 7% into the season after week 1.  So chill and don’t interpret short term results to mean what will happen in the future.

We are betting everyday and a 3 day winning streak can wipe away losses.  Baseball is the best sport in the world to wager on,  the bad teams win 40% of the time,  reduced juice is found almost anywhere and most of the time there no spreads, just Moneylines which means you just need to win instead of winning by an “x” amount.


Thank you very much and sorry for any grammar errors.