My famous “SPOT PLAYS” went 8-1 last year and historically have hit an amazing 76% through the years.  When I post a spot play it’s serious,  there won’t be many of them (maybe 1-2 a month but when I do there will be a lot of money bet on them and the line will likely move immediately because a lot of followers will be on it too) 

On a weekly basis, I will post things I have learned that will be a weekly segment of things I have learned from the hours upon hours of watching games and reading up on baseball.  

On a semi-weekly basis, I will be mentioning stats that might surprise you, others that may open your eyes and some that you may already know. 

These are just a few things to expect.  I have not had a losing season since 2006 and that was a disastrous season, every season since has been profitable.  I am always open to questions and feedback you can email me at or twitter @gthenv

Let’s have a great season.