(LOST) (UNC hit 8 3pointers in first half)Selection for 3/24 (like this one a lot)

Haven’t really loved anything lately.  Been posting regular plays and been losing a lot of them.  ML parlay where Nova lost was one I liked but to be honest I have not liked anything strong since Winthrop.   This one will be one of my bigger plays of the tournament.


Butler +7 -103

I completely respect UNC as a powerhouse but I think everyone is forgetting how solid Butler is.  Butler is being forgotten because they beat up on lowly Winthrop and Middle Tennessee State. But this team is legit.   They beat Xavier and Nova on the road,  they weren’t a #4 seed for nothing.  They shoot a 48 FG% and hit 37% of their 3s.  Here is a list of teams they have defeated this season.   NW, VANDY, AZ, UTAH, CINCY, PROVIDENCE, NOVA (twice) , XAVIER.   This is an accomplished team who deserves this spot and plays smart.  UNC has the prestige, the big name coach, NBA ready players and immense talent. But Butler is no slouch and for the last 10 years this is a program just as accomplished. Butler plays smart and I think Chris Holtman will outcoach Williams here with a scheme similar to what happened last night with Xavier vs Arizona.  I also believe that Kelan Martin can take over this game and Butler will win.   I will take the seven points and three possessions.





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