Last night was a perfect example of one coach “outcoaching” another. Sean Miller is gaining a reputation for being a very poor in game coach and it was showcased last night.  There were numerous examples of poor coaching but the most glaring one was having no timeouts late in the game.  Markkanen hardly took any shots late and wasn’t looked upon at all and it was obvious Xavier had no real answer for me.  Arizona was settling for ill-advised shots and not looking inside for high % shots.   Sean Miller choked, it’s as simple as that.   Miller is deserving of the “choke” title.  Great recruiter, no doubt.  But he was severely outcoached.  Every time Xavier came out of a timeout, they scored it seemed.  I know that if Arizona’s last shot went it I wouldn’t be talking about this but even then, that was a 25 foot three pointer low percentage shot, why not go to Markkaken?