Why do we still pay attention to W-L records in baseball?

It is always the first statistic you see when they show a pitchers stat.  Is there a more meaningless stat in all of sports?

Maybe this stat meant something in the deadball era when pitchers would complete 9 innings but today’s game is different. The average pitcher goes about 5 2/3’s innings so how is this stat relevant anymore?   Can’t we just erase it or hide it somewhere?

A pitcher goes 8 innings gives up 1ER but leaves the game down 1-0 and he isn’t eligible for a win but another pitcher can go 5 innings give up 4 runs but because his team scored more runs he is a candidate for the win column?    C’mon already, let’s get rid of this stat. Anyone with a clue doesn’t look at WIN-LOSS record when studying a pitchers performance.

Let’s take a look at Matt Harvey’s 2013 Season.

2.27 ERA, 2.01 FIP (YIKES), WHIP 0.931, H/9 0.4

With stats like this you would think after 180 IP he would have at least 15 wins right?

He went 9-5, that is right..   9-5.

Harvey has a career W/L record of 29-28 despite a 2.94 ERA, 1.08 WHIP and 2.79 FIP.

Kershaw in 2015, arguably one of the better seasons in recent memory.

300+ K’s, 232 IP, 1.97 FIP, 2.13 ERA.   W/L record was 16-7.

In 2014 AL Cy Young Race:   Who do you think won the Cy Young?   The guy with the better ERA, WHIP, or the guy with more wins?   cy


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  1. Oh we are definitely paying attention this year. Gabe here will have all the goods from team totals at -140 and above that he has half a unit on (thatd be $10) to the first 5 team total over (always over) for another half.. got to split the exposure don’t want to risk a value meal all at once.


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