Have you seen gabewins.com National TV AD?


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  1. Gabe you have to first buy a webcam and figure out how to use it for their to be a ad for your target audience. See in order to have people with loss of mental faculties (like your mom and dad) you first have to appeal to them. Then you have to address them slowly like you did with that 15 year old.

    Then when all thats over you still have to buy the webcam and thats gonna run you $50 a whole weeks salary. Once you get that far a tv ad at 5 am slot on univision ia gonna cost you another hundo..
    I hope to see it but with your bankroll and gambling acumen it might take a decade. Sell everything you own is my advice.. youll probably still be short of the fees but hey its a comedy spin. How to be the worlds best $20 team total bettor!


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