He’s batting .286 and was scared straight by the trip to the minors last season.  As someone who likely be in the 12th round is their value picking him up?   You can say there is upside and when Puig is on he’s a very good player.   He is still a great defender, he’s fast and plays hard.    He is still a big name and doesn’t have a big contract.  I have been against him being traded since last year, I know a lot of people were calling for it but he is too talented to just be given away for peanuts.   Puig is 26 years old which is the prime of his career and hopefully has finally learned from his mistakes.  I could see a big step forward with him and I recommend a stab in the 10th round if he’s available.

My prediction for him.

.283 BA 22 HRs 83 RBIs .334 OBP .812 OPS