EXCLUSIVE! “BADLEROY” gives us his best season win total for MLB 2017 season.

@TheRealBadLeroy  is his twitter name and he is one of the better baseball handicappers around and has my absolute full recommendation.    Below is his article exclusively at gabewins.com

I never liked the Angels name change from California to Anaheim to now Los Angeles. Are you kidding me, It’s Los Angeles Dodgers – period. The Halos were cool when Don Baylor was wearing that classic lid and trying to win one for Gene Autry.

Now they have the best player in baseball in Mike Trout (Fangraphs projections .308/423/568 slash line with 33 doubles & 33 homers , 24 sb’s & 107 walks) but little else. While I can appreciate the comeback Albert Pujols has made, any team with Luis Valbuena & CJ Cron fighting it out to start at first base is in trouble.
They do have one of the great fielding shortstops of his generation in Andrelton Simmons (think Omar Vizquel) but they are so weak around the diamond they brought in Danny Espinosa to whiff 150 times and suck at 2nd.
Everywhere you look outside of CF & SS the Angels kinda are below average. Martin Maldonado is starting at catcher, Cam Maybin in LF – it’s just an awful situation.
Then you get to pitching and 5 starters that are nothing to write home about, Matt Shoemaker started using his Splitter as a primary pitch instead of his fastball and had good results in the 2nd half & Garrett Richards is coming off elbow surgery and has shown flashes in the past, but after that I’m afraid the Angels are in big trouble – Ricky Nolasco, Jesse Chavez & Bud Norris are listed as their next 3 starters. Talk about fade material – but don’t get too excited – you’ll have to lay big odds to get the opposition to lay any type of wager.
Then comes the bullpen, YIKES, Huston Street is hurt (stop me if you’ve heard that before) and the only other arm I think is above major league average is Cam Bedrosian. The rest are purely awful and the Angels will not only struggle to score runs, but won’t be able to hold many leads with arms that have been discarded by many other organizations.
I also think Mike Scioscia, currently the longest-tenured manager in Major League Baseball, is tired and could us a a change of scenery. I actually like him, but think he needs a new venue and fresh start.
I believe with Houston, Seattle & Texas all better than the “Anaheim” Angels and that they must play them 18 times each within the division – they will be very hard pressed to finish close to .500.
I heard the Angels opened at 76.5 in Reno have been bet up to 79.5 in places. That’s a fortunate move for us, because….
My strongest position of the baseball futures markets is Angels UNDER 79.5.


  1. He actually gave a pic with the one available? I remember his Super Bowwl props he listed on JK’s radio show that wet a joke


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