Oakland A’s 2017 PREVIEW

Likely the worst team in the division but there could be spots where this team could make you money.  Remember even the worse teams win about 40% of their games.

The one label I’d give this team is crafty,  they will be platooning a lot with their limited but deep roster.  Let’s look at their lineup…

Projected Lineup

1 Rajai Davis OF 429 10 44 0.256
2 Stephen Vogt C 473 16 62 0.260
3 Ryon Healy DH 473 20 73 0.279
4 Khris Davis OF 567 39 97 0.245
5 Matt Joyce OF 331 12 45 0.224
6 Marcus Semien SS 555 21 62 0.243
7 Trevor Plouffe 3B 468 17 70 0.254
8 Yonder Alonso 1B 375 6 40 0.259
9 Jed Lowrie 2B 503 8 48 0.252

Rajai will likely leadoff,  but he doesn’t get on base much.   I would personally have him bat 2nd. Maybe start Joyce.   This lineup is weak no doubt but it can be crafty with platoon situations,  a lot of right, left handed hitters.


Projected Rotation

Player IP W L ERA
1 Sonny Gray 199 11 11 3.84
2 Sean Manaea 185 11 10 3.84
3 Kendall Graveman 181 8 12 4.33
4 Jharel Cotton 143 8 8 3.78
5 Andrew Triggs 143 9 7 3.52
6 Zachary Neal 55 3 3 4.09

Sonny Gray 5.69 ERA last year limited innings.  I think he will definitely bounce back and be the ace he once was.  I do not trust anyone else in this lineup.  I made a lot of money betting against Graveman last year and I plan on doing the same in 2017.  He’s the kind of pitcher I like to fade,  low strikeout count 5.2 SO/9, allows a lot of baserunners.   I think he got lucky last year.   I am thinking 5ERA.

Wish Cotton was still with the Dodgers.  We traded him for Reddick who I don’t care for. He is the 2nd best pitcher on the team imo.


Bullpen should be average.  Madsen will be ok,   nothing major but nothing terrible.

This team has no star on it but it does have a lot of personality.  I can see myself betting them +180 vs overrated teams with bad bullpens.   They have 54 games vs TEX, HOU and SEA.  Doubt they win more than 20 of those, if that.   Tough schedule, low level talent but value in certain spots.




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