Hatergabe this week 2/27-3/3

This will be the first edition of hatergabe.

All 5 of these posted by the same guy that goes by the name bushay

  1. I like when Gyno’s on the show best. Get him on again John.  Let’s get the goods on Gyno going tout

2. What a friggin tool! lol

3. Gyno? What’s your favorite style of drapes?

4.This text came in from Gyno a few days after i told the forum about all the excessive porn he asked for on his box. lol. I never bothered to answer him.

5. How’d Gyno the tout do with his Oscar picks? Anyone know?

Especially the one’s with the astronomical odds he was giving out and looking for tips!


All his bets are under 18 units


Thanks for letting us know u varied your units after the fact


fuck you


Image result for i hate gabe

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