Does one person reading this think the Royals have gotten any better? One person? 81 wins last season.

No more 3rd in lineup Morales, no more lights out close Wade Davis, base stealer Dyson,  and sadly their ACE and best pitcher Ventura. That is quite the list of departures. Who did they pick up? Anybody worth celebrating? Pedestrian Hammel?, Karns? and Moss and his .220ish BA? Oh yeah Soler , Cubs reject who hit .237.

Maybe the Royals will be stupid and stubborn and keep all 4 HUGE free agents, not just any free agents but the heart and soul of the team. Are they really going to keep all 4 key free agents and get nothing in return? Does anyone here think that?

The BP which has been it’s #1 strength is now very shaky.

18 games vs stud Indians?

This thread is a good example as to why the books make a ton of money. Not only are the books getting +130 (books have over 75.5 @ -130) which they just need to win 43.5% of the time. They are getting under 75.5 wins with a team who lost their ACE, lost their closer and setup guy, lost their best hitter and didn’t replace it with anything special. Also with 4 key hitters who are free agents and almost definitely gone by trade deadline.

Did I mention they get to keep the money for over 7 months?

Must be good to be a book.