Garbage movie


Since I launched this website I have been getting countless inquires as to my intentions with this site.  The most common question is, are you a tout now?   No,  I am not a tout.   I have links on the site and a donation page to help contribute to the site but by no means could I be considered or labeled a tout.  I have been sharing my sports betting knowledge for many years and have amassed many connections and friends in the sports industry.

When sharing information sometimes you have to deal with countless trolls who are envious of your talents and try and discredit you,  this website was created to share my expertise while simultaneously limiting the negative energy that public forums, messaging boards etc can bring.   When baseball season starts all of my energy will be used on getting as much information as I can and sharing my knowledge with you. I will be watching games, discussing games with fellow knowledgeable sports enthusiasts. So no I am not a tout..   Thank you for reading.