Orioles: Look very similar to last years team. Not much has changed. I do expect a much better year from Jones.
Even with their big bats and stadium they still were 12th in Runs.
Red Sox: No Ortiz but now Sale. I don’t see any glaring weaknesses. Top to bottom a solid lineup, a very VERY good Bullpen. Rotation with Sale, Price, Porcello, Pomeranz and Wright should keep them in a lot of games. Do you see any weaknesses?

Yankees: Team with a world class BP and a lot of questions!!!

Chapman and Betances alone makes this team dangerous. Any lead after 7 innings will be golden. Rotation is shaky, not sure what to expect. Could be sneaky good if Sabathia and Severino come through but that is a big IF. Green is a little shaky too. Offense is not bad but I would prefer a little more power. Who can we count on to hit more than 25 HR’s? I would not be surprised if no one hit over 22….

This team is still in rebounding mode and have a lot of prospects in the minors now. This team will be dangerous in 2019, not so much right now. Anything over 82 wins would be a surprise for me.

Looking to bet unders with them. I know they are a good home run hitting team but they don’t have many high OBP% players and their rotation is pretty good. This team won’t do anything with the current roster, not enough offense and too many games vs Boston, Toronto and Balty. I do like their pitching, expecting a better year from Archer and 1-5 are all very capable. Good BP so this team can win games if they are close